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To guide clients to strengthen performance and competitiveness through improved efficiency, higher client satisfaction, regulatory compliance and improved performance. Giving your business the opportunity to focus and contribute to the success of your business and providing innovative solutions that help small to medium sized manufacturers and businesses surpass their competitors.

Management Business Services is committed to:

  • Assisting small to medium sized manufacturers and businesses become competitive in the world markets
  • Continual improvement of our client’s quality system and to their overall performance
  • Providing a higher level of client service and satisfaction
  • Assist clients to comply with all relevant legislation and regulations and strive to exceed these whenever possible
  • Our focus is to work with clients to help them exceed their quality goals and provide value and at the same time have it all documented

Let our proven track record in effectively assisting manufacturers and businesses in identifying and implementing improvement opportunities and to facilitate the transformation process.Management Business Services can provide a comprehensive implementation program which is tailored to your individual plans and specific needs which may include a visit, an overview of the standards, writing and revising documentation, onsite training of personnel, assistance with implementation, liaison with the registrar, reassessments and follow-up evaluations and consulting during the registration process.

Christina Milan CPA, CMA, CMC. | Consultant

Christina Milan is an accomplished consultant that has successfully guided many manufacturers and businesses to achieve ISO 9001, ISO14001 and ISO 13485, IATF 16949, AS9100D registration. Christina Milan’s endeavours are to be a strategic and tactical consultant who is a catalyst for new ideas and improved processes.

Reliability & Efficiency

A quality management system will streamline your business and give you back control.

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What is ISO?

Guiding clients to strengthen performance and competitiveness

Every organization would like to improve the way it operates, whether that means increasing market share, reducing costs, managing business risk more effectively or improving customer service. A quality management system (ISO) provides a business the framework that it needs to monitor and improve performance. Management Business Services assists you in creating and implementing the ISO tools to strengthen your performance and competitiveness.

Success and effectiveness of any ISO standard implementation depends on the expertise and approach of the implementations.

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What can I expect

Increase efficiency and profit

ISO 9001 is the most established quality framework currently being used by companies around the world. ISO helps companies strength their bottom line through improved customer confidence, employee training and improved control over the processes which the quality of your products and/or services depends on.

The most important reason to follow the ISO 9001 standards is that it ensures that your business runs in an orderly manner. Through proven and innovative quality principles and tools, your company will achieve continued success and profits. Key to any company’s sustainability is effective management processes that enable the delivery of goods consistently and reliably.

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What are the benefits?

ISO Benefits

With the Quality Management System in place and working for you, the company is focused towards the Quality Goals. The scheduled process of conducting internal audits ensures that management is provided with data on a continual basis and able to see progress or lack of progress towards goals and takes appropriate action.

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Improvement & Effectivity

We bring expertise to your ISO certification and will implement the following:

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Conduct internal audits

MBS can conduct the internal audits for your business. You receive a value added activity with a third party perspective. Your current audit schedule is followed or a new one is developed as required to ensure full compliance with the standard.

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Assistance in certification audit

Provide assistance during your certification audit on site to ensure stage 1 and 2 audit processes get completed easily. Providing post audit assistance to complete the audit formalities if required.

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Improvement of your quality systems

If your staff does not have the quality knowledge to maintain and continuously improve your current quality system, then MBS can fill this void. MBS can conduct all the internal audits, organize and conduct the quality committee meetings, ensure all processes are compliant, strive for continuous improvement at a fraction of the costs.

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GAP analysis

Identifying gaps in your current management system versus the ISO standard which would result in an improvement plan. The assessment will entail the investigation and assessment of existing quality system elements as they apply to the applicable standard. Non-compliance’s of the standard are noted and a report is issued.

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Pre-assessment audit

We ensure that ISO implementation is effective and all required level of compliance is achieved. The findings will be presented in a report. Providing you confidence to go for certification. Also, assisting in closing the findings of pre-assessment with effective corrective actions.

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ISO Training

Training covering awareness, documentation, process analysis and ISO implementation. MBS can customize training to your needs.

Consultant / Services

Success and effectiveness of any ISO standard implementation depends on the expertise and approach of the implementations. Management Business Services (MBS) helps you realize the true benefits of the management system implementation, help gain competitive advantage by improving the short term and long term performance of your business and supply chain.

MBS offers the following services for the various standards such as ISO 9001 quality management system, ISO 14001 environmental management system and ISO 13485 medical devices, IATF 16949  automotive.

MBS assists in the effective implementation of the documents to ensure that an effective and fully compliant management system is implemented.

Management Business Services

  • Quality Policy
  • Objectives
  • Management program
  • Quality Manual
  • Procedures/SOP/work instructions/flow charts
  • Forms/templates/checklists/logs

MBS assists in the effective implementation of the documents to ensure that an effective and fully compliant management system is implemented.

In addition, ISO 9001 is designed to be compatible with other management systems standards such as ISO 14001 Environmental and ISO 13485 Medical, IATF 16949  automotive.

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